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BreeAnna says:

this pic is so sad. i think im about to cry!! :( :( :( :< ;(

Lifeline 4 Chernobyl says:

My husband and I run a charity ib Norfolk, we deliver aid to the people in Belarus, who received 70% of the fallout, we have both been over on a convoy, it breaks your heart to see them. unfortunately people forget, with your pictures hopefully people will remember them.

K says:

This child clearly has untreated hydrocephalus. It's actually quite common to see children affected this way in Eastern European orphanages where they are not given a surgical shunt, regardless of radiation exposure.

letlhogonolo mosadi says:

The pictures are so touching. i feel very sorry for what happened. the lifes of the people and animals affected will never be the same again. It is so painful...

susie says:

this is so sad that this happened to these heart goes out to them.

kadarius says:


jordan says:

all i can say is wowo omg

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